What's the difference?

One of the the most frequent questions we get is, “what’s the difference between a Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD?”

It’s a great question and something every cannabis consumer should know when looking to purchase some quality herb. So let’s try and break it down for you.

What are Strains?

Let’s start at a basic level.  Strains are like different categories of cannabis.  There are three main categories: Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis- which is basically hemp.  The two categories we care about are Indica and Sativa. The difference between the two is whether the strain has .5% or more of a terpene called beta-Myrcene.   .5% or higher is an Indica, less than that a Sativa. That’s in layman’s terms. Don’t quote us on that.


Sativa is a type of weed that has more uplifting and energetic effects.  When consumed, it produces a tingling head sensation that is less likely to sap your energy. Many people report a noticeable increase in creativity when high on a sativa strain. This makes it great for performing creative tasks such as writing, drawing, or playing music


The best way to sum up the effects of an indica strain is “in-da-couch”. Where sativa is like a mellow black tea, indica is like a strong chamomile. It produces a heavy body sensation that relaxes the mind and body. Indicas are great for unwinding after a hard days work and falling asleep.  It’s also great for pain but you might find yourself sneaking into the kitchen once or twice ;).


A hybrid strain is a mix between an indica and a sativa. However, it’s rare to find a strain that is exactly 50/50. Usually it’s either a sativa or indica dominant, meaning that the ratio is closer to 60/40. Hybrids are great if you’re looking for a balanced high that relaxes and stimulates creativity. The great thing about Hybrids is that you can experiment with different indica/sativa ratios to find the perfect high to suit your needs.  Hybrids are a great choice for medicinal patients.


CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive chemical that is native to the cannabis plant. Strains that are high in CBD are less psychoactive than other strains. Many cannabis consumers gravitate toward these strains due to the wide range of medicinal benefits without psychoactive effects of THC. These benefits include relief from: inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, and spasms. US government sponsored studies have also shown CBD can be used to treat a ton of illnesses and disorders. CBD is completely legal in all fifty states as long as it is derived from hemp.  

Cannabis is amazing.

We celebrate all varieties and strains here at Pacific Stone Brands.  

Our mission is to offer a fair price for  premium grade cannabis. Our selection of California Coastal products includes Private Reserve OG, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, and CBD Pre-rolls.  

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See you next time when we cover the Smoking Do’s and Don’ts in California.

-Pacific Stone Team

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