Where can I smoke?


Now that recreational cannabis is legal in California, where can I light up?

While we wish the answer was everywhere, that’s not the case.  First off, make sure to get familiar with the local ordinances in your area.  These can vary by city to city and county to county. Also, what follows is our general advice, confirmed with research, and backed with experience.   Read at your own risk.

Here is some good news!

You are allowed to smoke in State parks and beaches.  Recently, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have banned consuming cannabis at state parks and beaches.  You can also smoke on private property outside of public view. This means your house, your private business, your friends private beach...if you have that connect.  You can also smoke in state licensed cannabis cafes and lounges as they become available. Always be discreet my friends.


The not so fun stuff.

You can’t legally smoke in your vehicle.  But you can transport cannabis in your ride if it’s in a sealed container.

You can’t smoke in public places or in National Parks.  So no Joshua Tree but yes to lighting up a tree or two at your local State Beach.

If you’re not sure whether or not you can consume cannabis in a particular place, it never hurts to ask a local authority such as a Park Ranger or Sheriff. Keep in mind, you are protected by California State Law and it is your right to carry and consume cannabis IN AUTHORIZED AREAS.

Here are some beautiful State Parks in California.  

 Thank You Governor Brown!

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Salt Point State Park

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

Armstrong Redwood State Reserve

Montana de Oro State Park

Asilomar State Beach

Mendocino Headlands State Park


Smoking weed involves heat, and given how wildfire prone the California wilderness is, we advise you smoke responsibly everywhere you go (especially while camping/hiking in forests). No matter where you decide to smoke, we advise discretion. Be courteous to other people and respectful of the park. Always pick up your trash and don’t hesitate to throw away litter you find along the way. The reason these places remain beautiful is through our continuous effort to keep them that way.

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See you next time when we cover the Smoking Do’s and Don’ts in California.

-Pacific Stone Team

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